Nexus means connection and centre and in the world of filmmaking connection is vital. It is a collaborative art - shared visions, passions, and skills gelling together to achieve that particular and peculiar magic. Film. There is nothing else quite like it. 

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NPG was established in 2007 by Ivan Malekin and Patrick Siscar in Melbourne, Australia. It was a means to produce our first films and learn the craft of filmmaking. Our early work was raw and rough, the learning curve steep, but learn we did. Soon, our short films were winning awards at festivals around the world, and our breadth of work expanded to include corporate videos, music clips and performance, showreels for actors, live events and more.

Sarah Jayne joined the team in 2010 as our expansion continued via the festival scene, establishing the Made In Melbourne Film Festival (2009-2016) and Short Cut Monthly Film Nite (2010 - 2012) as well graduating from short film to feature film.  In 2014, New York-based Melbourne-native Clara Francesca joined Nexus, completing the collective.

Today, Ivan Malekin and Sarah Jayne are based in Malta, Clara continues to tear it up in New York, while Patrick mans the ship in Melbourne.  And, more importantly, we cut the corporates, the events, the festivals, the excess to focus on our first love and the reason we began this journey a decade ago — film.  Producing quality, innovative, challenging film that inspires us and, we hope, inspires you too.

At NPG we pride ourselves on being innovative, diverse, and only limited by our imaginations. 


Ivan Malekin
producer - director - editor

Ivan Malekin found film with a little serendipity back in 2007 and has never looked back. He is an award-winning producer, director and editor whose films have screened and won awards both locally and internationally.

In 2017 he co-produced and co-directed the ambitious improvised feature Friends, Foes & Fireworks in one night over New Year's Eve. Friends, Foes & Fireworks went onto a brief cinema release in Melbourne, won Best Drama at Oz International Film Festival (2018), and is now available on IndieFlix, OzFlix, Vimeo On Demand, and Amazon Prime as well as DVD in North America.

As the founder and director of the Made In Melbourne Film Festival from 2009- 2016, and Short Cut Monthly Film Nite from 2010-2012, he was heavily involved in the Melbourne independent film scene. Ivan also curated the cinema component of monthly film, comedy, and burlesque variety event Theatre Nuevo (2014), and has been a guest curator at a variety of events, including White Night Melbourne (2014) Down Under Berlin (2015), and Swanpool Community Cinema (2015-2016).

In 2014 Ivan was added to the Master List of Melbourne Independent Filmmakers compiled by veteran indie movie-maker Bill Mousoulis, selected for the 'Top 50 Australian Independent Film Heroes' list, and is currently considered a part of the Australian New Wave of indie filmmakers.

Currently Ivan lives in Malta, working as a freelance video producer, and is in post production on his fourth feature, In Corpore, a film dealing with monogamous and polygamous relationships set in Melbourne, Malta, New York, and Berlin.

His first love remains Nexus Production Group, his own independent film production outfit driven by creativity, originality, and passion.

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Clara is a Melbourne based artist currently performing and collaborating in New York City. Her work has allowed her to partake in the Inaugural SITI Company Conservatory and she is a recipient of the Dame Joan Sutherland Fund for her excellence in the Arts.

Her work began in Melbourne 2007 when performing self-devised piece Susan Who? on Arts Centre’s Fairfax Stage, winning best actress, propelling her into the vibrant entertainment industry.

The next seven years included: sell-out directorial debut at La Mama, touring guest artist at Penang's George Town International Arts Festival, touring Australia with bilingual Italian-English Children's one-woman show-musical Spectacular Spettacolo, co-lead at the notable Malthouse Theatre Melbourne, a lead role in award-winning feature film Johnny Ghost, and winning Best Performance Artist in the Sarasolo Florida International Festival for her piece Making Mrs Marx.

Since arriving in NYC, she has been training with SITI Company, collaborating with Erin Mee’s This is Not a Theatre Company as a voice artist for Staten Ferry Podcast and theatre artist in A Very Serious Banquet (Cubist Theatre Performance), actor for Gabriel Barcia-Colombo & Benita de Wit’s site-specific exhibition The Secret Society of Forbidden Literature playing Kafka’s Metamorphosis, Improv Comedian for Mary Fe’s Google Made Me Do It at The Silent Barn Theatre, Sound Artist for 2014 Solstice with creator Audra Woloweic and is soon to join Gia Forakis & Company with their ultimate musical murder mystery O.REX.

Clara is an adjudicator for the Mildura Speech, Drama & Italian Poetry Competitions, an Associate instructor at New York Speech Coaching, a member of the MarsBand lead by Carter Emmart and Keith Patchel, the Outreach Director of The Brick Theater in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and embarks on her Opera Career with Patchel's The Plain of Jars.

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Sarah Jayne

Sarah Jayne started her film and television career as a Production Designer in 2006. She has worked on numerous short films in various art department roles and with Australian industry heavyweights including Princess Pictures and The Boilermaker Pty Ltd.  Sarah Jayne's feature film credits include the critically acclaimed Taj, the one and only Dace Decklan: Private Eye, Oddball starring Shane Jacobson, The Subjects by Instinct Entertainment, and Choir Girl by NPG and Golden Gate Productions.

In 2013 Sarah Jayne moved into writing and directing her first film, Dusk, and since then she has been predominately working as a writer, director and producer on her own projects, including Anniversary and Daughter, the latter a short film and awareness project addressing victim blaming and gendered violence. Starring Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why), Daughter has toured Melbourne and Victoria, picked up various festival awards, including Best Short Film at Women Media Arts Film Festival, a Silver Remi from Houston Worldfest, and the Grapple award at Anarco Film FestivalDaughter is available as an educational tool for Australian schools through ATOM and Beamafilm, and also globally through Amazon Prime and Vimeo On Demand.

When not immersed in the world of film, Sarah enjoys critical and creative writing, her work appearing in Huffington Post, Feminartsy, and Daily Life Mag.

Sarah Jayne recently co-directed the completely improvised features Friends, Foes & Fireworks and In Corpore with Ivan Malekin and she continues to work with Nexus as a writer/director, now living in Malta and pursuing projects in the European Film Industry.

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Patrick SISCAR

Patrick is the graphics and effects arm of NPG.  His forte is special effects through After Effects and image manipulation through Photoshop.  He thoroughly enjoys making stuff go boom and blood go splat but he understands effects aren't all about focus and flash – often Patrick will toil in the background to clean up a film and erase continuity errors, his work only done when his work is unseen.  Many times Patrick has partnered with Ivan in post-production to put the finishes touches on an edit, his effects appearing in numerous film and television productions as well as music, performance, and corporate presentations.

As well as VFX, Patrick also explores graphic design and enjoys sketching and drawing.  He has designed posters, logos, DVD covers, and various advertising material for a range of clients.  In addition to being a founding member of Nexus Production Group, he was also an integral part of the Made In Melbourne Film Festival team, designing the program booklet year in and year out; and formerly Short Cut Monthly Film Nite, designing logos and program fliers every month.

Patrick is also an avid 'comicker 'and emerging animator.  He led the animation team on NPG feature Dace Decklan: Private Eye and is currently training in stop motion animation.