A disconnected & lonely woman struggles to fit society's mould

Dusk is an exploration of self image, self worth, the basic human need to connect.

A Chance Encounter 

Dusk was written by Sarah Jayne and was produced by Ivan Malekin in 2013. The film cemented Sarah Jayne's switch from art department crew member to director and would kick off a passion that has continued until this day.  Shot in Geelong West, Brunswick and Abbotsford Melbourne Australia, Dusk tells the story of a woman who feels out of place in society and under pressure to conform it's warped ideals of beauty. Lonely and wanting to feel love and accepted, she takes in a stranger after a chance encounter.  

Director's Statement

The image of the perfect woman is always under scrutiny.  I believe society has a lot to answer for in regards to how women see themselves and how they are portrayed in different mediums (magazines, music videos, advertising) sets the benchmark which women measure themselves against.This film incorporates the themes of self love and self worth, loneliness, acceptance, desperation, and false love through the need for connection, from one woman's perspective.

Dusk is available to watch for free below.