family is forever

A widow grieves for her husband.  Her sister tries to console her.  Too little, too late.

Truth is revealed, love is suffering, but at least family is forever ...

Drama becomes black comedy 

Eternal is an early work, a script co-written and co-directed by Ivan Malekin and Heath Novkovic, which could explain the stark tonal contrast between the two halves of this film.  Designed to be jarring and take the audience to an unexpected destination, it was certainly an important film in our development as filmmakers, one of our very first experiences shooting on green screen, and a further dip into the live action with splashes of animation mix we were exploring at the time.  

Eternal go onto to screen at fifteen local festivals and film nights including Electric Shorts and the Sexy International Film Festival, and become an oft-repeated short on community television programs Anthology of Interest and Dark Carnival.

Eternal is available to watch for free below. (Warning: Adult Themes, Language)