In corpore


four countries.

four couples.


a myriad of complications.


In Corpore is a completely improvised feature film that explores love, sex, and betrayal of body and soul.  With three seperate stories taking place across four countries, In Corpore tackles traditional relationships and the idea of breaking free of expectations, exploring what it means to give in to or suppress the desires of body and soul, and what love and loyalty mean to the human condition.


An international celebration of relationships 

Set in Melbourne, New York, Berlin and Malta, we filmed In Corpore in late 2017 and early 2018, working closely with four seperate teams to tell these anthological stories about couples under strain, loyalties tested, and what happens when one partner's desires deviate from the expectations of the relationship. We wanted to explore the nature of commitment and the idea of sacrificing personal desires at the altar of love - is it selfish to follow the desires of the body and the soul or is this the only path to fulfilment? Even if it means hurting the one you  love? 

Currently in post-production, In Corpore will be released late 2018. 

In Corpore posters 


In Corpore Poster Melbourne


Julia is newly engaged and making a name for herself in New York.  But on a visit home to Melbourne to see family and friends, she has an affair with her closest friend, Henri.


In Corpore Poster Berlin 


In Corpore Poster Malta


Anna is a young Maltese woman, married, planning children.  Yet she has dreams she has left behind to follow the road of tradition and expectation, and now she must decide what is more important to her - freedom or family.  


In Corpore Poster New York 

new york


Returning to New York, Julia must face her husband, her betrayal, and find out what it means to their relationship and her own philosophies about what love and marriage is.

Rosalie and Milana are madly in love in Berlin. But Milana’s life as a sugar baby has never sat easily with Rosalie. Now one of Milana’s clients is demanding more and more of her time and balancing her private and professional sexuality is beginning to strain both women.

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