Life improvised


small human stories, entirely improvised, capturing the moments that make up relationships; the awkwardness, joy, love, despair and more.

Life Improvised is a series of micro shorts that hint at the complexity behind our intentions, behind each interaction, and capture relationship dynamics, desires, dramas.

We intend to release them via our YouTube channel every two to three months. Subscribe, watch, enjoy. This is life. Improvised.

Our lady 

A woman waits for her date at a festa.

Our first Life Improvised micro short, released in November 2018, filmed in the village of Naxxar, Malta, in the middle of The Nativity of Our Lady Feast, or festa as it is known locally. Hundreds of people packed the town square to celebrate, a brass band marching, and fireworks igniting the sky. We were thrilled to finally work with Marysia S. Peres (Assassin's Creed, Love to Paradise) and with Miles Jackson as DP, our camera operator from In Corpore, the results were magical. Watch the film here: 

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