danger comes at the darkest hour


We were just coming off an intense and challenging seven-night shoot on the streets of St Kilda for Daughter with a big cast and crew so we wanted to do something smaller, simpler, something just for fun.  The concept came from the Reddit thread Two Sentence Horror Stories; we chose a story by user jmperson, which, if it had been filmed before, hadn't been filmed well.  Some slight tweaks to the concept and Midnight was born.

No script, just the idea and a shot list. Next, we called a couple of friends and said 'hey, do you want to do a horror film this Friday night?'

From concept to casting to crewing and designing and shooting, the whole thing took three days. Special FX make-up was the biggest challenge, but luckily we had Amy-lee Cameron step up, a young make-up artist we had worked with on previous projects and a rising talent. It took the whole night to shoot, the sun rising as we wrapped, and a couple of hundred dollars for production design materials and food for everyone. And that's it. A fun, creative, crazy Friday night.

Midnight has been released directly online.  At only three minutes long, it's over before you know it, but we hope it packs a bit of a punch and you have as much fun watching it as we did making it.

Midnight is available to watch below. (Warning: Sex Scenes, Nudity)