Chris is caught in a downward spiral, lost in a world of filth and porn, unable to connect with anyone.

But his habits, his loneliness and denial, is slowly destroying him, one woman at a time.

Chris desperately needs to find a connection to stem the spiral but it might already be too late.

He needs to face what he has become, but, unfortunately, reflections don't lie.


Mirror of Filth is an erotic drama produced by NPG in 2013 and was co-directed by Ivan Malekin and Jamie Wilson, who also starred in the film as the lead character, Chris. Jamie was joined by a supporting cast made up of a trio of female actors who gave strong performances in their challenging roles - Whitney Duff as Jenni, Simone Oula as Lea and newcomer Sally Dean as Susie.

A semi-finalist at Los Angeles Cinefest and multiple award nominee at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, including Best Director and Best Supporting Actress for Whitney Duff, Mirror of Filth is a confronting film that deals with relationships, bitterness, sex and emptiness, and how we can be absent even when we are most exposed, lonely even when we are the most intimate.  A raw film about a subject that is still, and probably always will be, misunderstood.  Sex. He said, she said, glossed over, galvanised, sold, tiptoed, whispered, stylized, denied, attacked, blamed; there are so many ways to approach the subject. What we wanted was something real.

Mirror of Filth is now available on Vimeo on Demand to stream and download. Watch the trailer below and click the price tag (top right corner) to go to the Vimeo On Demand page.