We just returned home from a three hour full technical rehearsal at MADC for our play Hush Little Baby, which is one of six plays taking part in this annual event. This years festival is set to be a beauty, kicking off on Thursday 5th until Sunday 8th September at the MADC Clubrooms in Santa Venera, Malta.

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Director Ivan Malekin leads the way in Valletta. Off to our technical rehearsal after collecting our prop balloons early Sunday morning.

Director Ivan Malekin leads the way in Valletta. Off to our technical rehearsal after collecting our prop balloons early Sunday morning.


This was a lot of fun. For those based in Malta who have not made the trip across to the sister island of Gozo for the festival, we say do it!

On Saturday 24th after a late afternoon swim at Ramla Bay, followed by cave exploring in Nadur and an alfresco seafood dinner on a clifftop, we headed off to the Cittadella, where we enjoyed watching locally produced feature film Limestone Cowboy. It was past midnight when we returned to our AirBnb to rest so that we could wake early to prep for our Sunday morning Improvised Filmmaking Workshop for Teenagers, held at the same venue.

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This is our third year in attendance and each year we are very happy that we made the trip down from Malta to watch films and be welcomed by really passionate and enthusiastic people who love film as much as we do.

And to teach improvised filmmaking, the niche style we love so much, to young students intrigued by the 'no script' process we developed was an absolute blessing. We played games, filmed scenes, and went over everything from different improvisation styles to developing ideas to filming without a script and more. A big thank you to Gozo Film Festival, its volunteers, and festival director Federico Chini.

We'll be back next year. But we'll be teaching another improvised workshop very, very soon.


Contract signed! Grant application successful!

Thanks to the Professional Development Grant from Arts Council Malta we will be going back to Berlin in October for five days to take part in an intensive workshop on Character Based Improvisation with Robert Marchand.

We are thrilled to have been chosen for funding and that the workshop generously held two spots for us as we awaited the results.

This year has been full of wonderful blessings and we now look forward to returning to Berlin to further refine our skills and love for improv in film.

Talking Film with Geeks

The latest interview is up and this time we chatted to Ben and Keith from The Two Gay Geeks on their webcast about Friends, Foes & Fireworks and how we shot this film in one night, totally improvised. This is one of our more fun and laid back interviews and we thank Ben and Keith for chatting with us and ChicPR for making this happen.

Listen here now and find the link on our PRESS section.



Written by Sarah Jayne.

Our biggest surprise news of the month comes in the form of a new creative avenue for us as directors. Early June, The Malta Amateur Dramatic Club, or MADC as it is known locally was seeking creatives who want to move into directing a local one-act play here in Malta.

This is not a new program, the One-Act Play Festival happens each year and sees five directors working with screenplays submitted for judgement. The Festival is a collaboration with Teatru Malta, and will be held will showcased from the 5th to 8th September 2019.

Ivan Malekin and I applied for the position, asking if they would allow us to co-direct this year, but the proposal was dismissed. It was not all bad news however, as we were offered the last spot!

On accepting, we had to decide who would take on the role of director and who would take on the stage hand role. In the end it was decided between us that Ivan would direct and I would take on the role of assistant stage manager.

What will follow is allocation of plays to directors on Monday 24th May, auditions so we can cast our actors will take place in July 7th and the MADC Clubrooms will be available for rehearsals in the lead-up to the showcase in early September.

This is really exciting news for us as both Ivan and I have always dreamt of directing for the stage. We look forward to finding out which play we will assigned too and we can’t wait to get started in theatre!