Daughter & Il KINO

When Daughter screened in Berlin’s Il-Kino as part of Grrl Haus Cinema’s Screen your Film in Berlin Seminar’, it was a mainstream affair due to Il-Kino being a more traditional cinema setting with a single screen. The audience was a mix of the general public people who attended teh first screening at LoopHole for the same Seminar. It was a medium size crowd and the film selection was a mash up of traditional film, docos, and mix media video pieces.    

On the big screen, the sound design from Mark Farrow was outstanding and really added an edge to the performances. Unfortunately the aspect ratio was incorrect, but that is something filmmakers have to deal with often. No questions came from the crowd to director Sarah Jayne, but host and curator of Grrl Haus cinema Anastasia did ask the director about her educational intent for the film.

Overall the experience was one ING and Sarah Jayne were proud to have had the opportunity of being part of. It’s always a thrill to have your work show to a neutral audience instead of your own film community and acquaintances, which was often the case at our Melbourne screenings.

Spreading the word about what you and your company do at any opportunity is something that we truly believe in. 

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Sarah Jayne centre, with fellow filmmakers including the other program participant Adina from New York on the right.

Sarah Jayne centre, with fellow filmmakers including the other program participant Adina from New York on the right.

Daughter screening at annual activism event

Daughter has been selected to screen and take part in Wodonga Council’s annual event 16 Days of Activism, with the film screening at Wodonga library on November 28th along with two other films, Lipstick (Directed by Harriet McKern, 1994) and Footy Chicks (Directed by Rebecca Barry, 2006).

The Facebook event reads, “Join us for a selection of films that explore a range of topics that face women on a day to day basis – from safety on the streets, how they look, what they wear, how this is viewed and judged by society and who they sleep with and why.”

The event is free of charge, suitable for 18+ age range and booking a place is suggested. See further details such as time and address on the official Facebook Event.



The world premiere of Friends, Foes & Fireworks took place at the Classic Cinema Elsternwick on Wednesday March 21st, followed by an Q&A with the Cast and Crew. Four of the five female cast members were in attendance and it was an engaging discussion between the audience and the crew as questions flew about the improv filmmaking process. 

Co-directors Ivan Malekin and Sarah Jayne, who flew down to Melbourne from Malta for the screening were ecstatic to be in attendance for the films milestone event and were very happy with how the film looked on the big screen. 

After the screening a positive vibe resonated in the foyer with local actors and regular moviegoers praising the film.

“In an era of superhero blockbusters and feel-good schmaltz, this is a rare, truthful film. Don’t miss it.” - Mary Costello, Audience Member

Friends, Foes & Fireworks will continue to play out its limited cinema run at the swanky Lido Cinema from March 31st, with further cinema dates to be announced during April.

This will be the one and only chance for cinema-goers to experience this unique Melbourne film on the big screen before releases on DVD and VOD platforms.

Tickets are currently on sale through Lido cinema, both online and at the cinema Box Office.

Book your tickets here through the Lido website and check back for further screening sessions from Lido for this film.