No Love is as pure as that shared between family.

Betrayed by his Girlfriend, a Brother turns to his Sister to fill the void of love and lust. She will not. With each rejection his actions become more desperate and more depraved. Finally, he goes too far, the consequences of broken love catastrophic and extreme.

pushing too far?

Sibling was our attempt to do a real-life take on the crazy world of Japanese animation.  It's an extreme world; violent, sexually-charged, completely over-the-top, just like the film.

Undoubtedly, Sibling is raw and rough around the edges. It is one of our very first films after all, when Nexus was Nameless, and the team was only Ivan Malekin and Patrick Siscar. We were so green it wasn't funny.  But this film has always caused a reaction - positive or negative - and it was our first film to draw regular screenings at local festivals, film nights, and community television. 

For that, Sibling maintains a special place in our body of work – it is not our best but it is one of our boldest and craziest. A very early film that was a key step in our growth as filmmakers. 

 Sibling is available to watch for free below. (Warning: Sex Scenes, Violence)