Nexus Production Group is a filmmaking collective driven by originality, creativity, and passion. Our skills are as diverse as our range of output and we strive for quality and artistic integrity in every project we undertake. Individually, each member of NPG is a unique emerging or accomplished artist; together, we are growing and only limited by imagination. Nexus Production Group is Ivan Malekin, Sarah Jayne, Patrick Siscar and Clara Francesca.

Our latest film In Corpore is currently fiscal sponsored through From The Heart Productions. To read about the campaign & donate to help us finish the film & get it in front of an audience, click here. All donations are kindly appreciated, credited with a ‘special thanks’ & 100% tax deductible in the USA. Paypal is also an option for those without a credit card -

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This new years eve sparks will fly

Entirely Improvised.
Filmed in a Single Night.
On New Year's Eve.

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three women. three lives. one night of violence.

Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why, Love, Simon) stars in this award-winning short film about gendered violence and victim blaming in our society. 

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Mike Leigh is a Palm d’Or winning director famed for his improvisational approach. 
Joe Swanberg has built a 13 year career on improvisation, culminated in a series on Netflix. 
Improvised filmmaking is a captivating and immersive process known for its quick turnaround time.  
So quick, in fact, you can film your idea in a single night.


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reflections don't lie

Confronting and challenging.
Raw and real.
A search for connection through a lurid world of sex and filth.


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