Dace Decklan: Private Eye


Dace is on the case!

Uncensored. Unrestrained. Unleashed!

Oozing with love and lust and a whole lot of blood, and full of animation, absurdity, and comic style violence, Dace Decklan: Private Eye is an out of control, politically incorrect romp.


In the jungles of Rambosia Dace's former friend, Rados, has invented Viagra ... ah Tentigo, but the little blue pills work a little too well. Now the Drug Cartel want the pills to take over the world, while a militant Church want to destroy the pills and ‘cleanse’ the world. Only Dace can save Rados’ life – funny – since Dace was the one that destroyed Rados’ life all those years ago in the Rambosian civil war .... Feel the Irony!

One does not simply watch Dace Decklan: Private Eye ... one experiences it. No matter how many times you slap yourself in the face it’s still there ... attacking your senses.
— FakeShemp Review

Dace is insane. A schizophrenic blend of action and animation and absurdity. Sharp and sexy as a donkey on acid. You can read the full review from Fake Shemp here and stream and download Dace through Bounty Films, and of course, Nexus Production Group.

Dace Decklan: Private Eye is now available on Vimeo on Demand to stream and download. Watch the trailer below and click the price tag (top right corner) to go to the Vimeo On Demand page.

Dace is also available on the following platforms: