El western


In the Wild West a mismatched but love-struck pair hurtle towards a high-noon showdown.

El Bandito is the meanest Mexican in the West and he has the town of Rosebud in a right fright. Only the mysterious Sheriff Dan dares stand against the outlaw.

But something is amiss. Dan smells ... nice. Bandito is kind of ... handsome. Could this be love?

One thing is for sure, only one man will be left standing.

Love on the wrong end of the law 

Screening at multiple festivals around the world and winning Best Western Short at the Genre Celebration Film Festival as well as Bronze at Worldfest Houston, El Western is a silly send-up of spaghetti westerns from yesteryear featuring mismatched love, outrageous characters, guns, quips, whips, and, naturally, a high noon showdown.

There’s a moment early in El Western, an Australian riff on the sexual stereotypes in spaghetti westerns, that made me laugh so hard I nearly broke myself.
— Apocalypse Later Review

You can check out a review of the film by Apocalypse Later here and watch El Western on Vimeo below. (Warning: Language, Sexual Content)