Some secrets can't be buried.

Clancy has just been released from jail. His first stop is his brother Tom, and ex-girlfriend Cassie, who are now a couple themselves. Clancy is here to reclaim his money, his girl, his life; shattering secrets buried in dirt.

As the night spins out of control, a battle of wits ensues, rain and rage spiralling towards a fatal reckoning.

everyone has secrets

Produced in 2012 and written by Tom Vogel, Reckoning was a departure from the comedy films we were making at the time.  It was our first thriller and the first time directing somebody else's script. It was also the first time we would work with Clara Francesca (cast as Cassie) who would go on to join the Nexus team in later years.

It was a great script, a deep dive into a world of rough, real, revenge. A thriller with a twist, a story of family, lies, love, and revenge, characters caught in crime and the hauntings of the past and their own wicked nature.

Reckoning would go on to screen at multiple festivals and pick up Best Film at Comfy Shorts (2013) as well as a Gold Remi at Houston Worldfest (2014).

Reckoning is available to watch below. (Warning: Violence, Language)