Together, Zina and Tony will share a night they won't forget - full of seduction, near misses, bloody noses and wild surprises.



Zina is a firecracker, a young and sexy Russian woman who drinks heavily, angers quickly, goes after what she wants.  Tony is a young man new in town, fleeing a broken relationship, lost and alone.

Where will the night take them?

attraction can be wild 

Zina was one of NPG's final short films before moving onto features, filmed in July 2015 and completed at the beginning of 2016. 

It was only the second short film we had produced and directed that has not been written by a member of Nexus (the first was Reckoning by Tom Vogel in 2012).  But this was a special case.  Zina was written by our good friend Russell Boyd, who was the DOP on Reckoning and the gaffer on Sarah Jayne’s first short, Dusk (2013).  

Russell passed away at the beginning of 2015 after a long battle with cancer.  Before his passing, in 2014, he had been working on Zina with Nexus team member Clara Francesca as co-producer and lead, but the shoot was halted as Clara received a scholarship to practice theatre in New York.  Sadly, Russell and Clara never got to film Zina together as intended.  But with Clara planning to return to Melbourne for a brief visit in the winter of 2015, she reached out to us to film Zina in memory of Russell.  It was a touching gesture we simply couldn’t refuse.

Zina is available to watch below. (Warning: Language, Sexual Content)

ZIna Film 

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